Thursday, June 2, 2011

the sidewalk

I passed by this on my way to work. I couldn't help stopping and taking a picture of it. This was on a side walk. I don't know what these are but definitely lovely!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

i-stateside part 1: where i live

hello there! I know its been ages since I blogged. No need to naman magbabasa but I realized that since writing helps me de -clutter my thoughts. I should blog more often. It also reminds me of the goals I have yet to accomplish. This is actually for Pat and Krisan who takes time to read my blog para ko na rin silng kinukwentuhan hahahaha!so here goes...let me tour you in our new home

facade of the house

upon entering this room will the first thing you'll see...this is the organized living room kasi wala naman umuupo dito hahaha parang for display purposes only

this is part of the room. yep, my mom likes japanese stuff

and this is "the main living room" picture taken during the Christmas season take note of the blinds "japanese" din ang theme ng living room BUT WAIT check out the next 2 pictures

our "african" inspired guest bathroom LOL! my brother's friends would have their picture taken you can see our house is very well coordinated hahahaha

And this is our kitchen/dining room. the dining table with the multi-colored chairs is actually my favorite furniture in the house. may pattern din yung table top. mala abtract-ish di ko lang nakunan ng pic

and this is the one of the hi-tech gadgets in the house ang basurahan na may'd have to stand in front of it para bumukas siya hasel nga lang kada daan mo bumubukas!

this is the loft in the 2nd floor. i plan to declutter this and turn it into a little working space for us actually this is just one of the spaces i need to declutter my mom has A LOT of stuff that needs to be thrown, given away, donated and organized. SUPER

this is our room...right now its not much of a "room" for badly needs a make over and it is not entirely our room yet because again may tambak din ang nanay ko dito!GOSH

so there you go...our new home. I am still adjusting to our new environment. Although, I must say that we live right now is more "sosyalin". America is bigger, cleaner , less polluted and mas madali mag drive, malaki ang mga kalsada...BUT yes, HOME is where the heart is and I left mine in the Philippines not only because my partner is back life, my FRIENDS are all there at ewan ko ba iba pa rin ang security ng bayan mo...iba pa rin ang pawis at init ng Pilipinas. Ewan ko ba siguro as we go along baka maiba rin ang ikukuwento ko pero sa ngayon...homesick pa rin ako :( In the mean time, enjoy my "i-stateside life series".

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ang sili

I called my mom to buy sili and some pang sigang mix on her way home for the" sinigang sa ulo ng salmon" i was cooking.

And she brought home this...hahaha nagulat ako SILI ang laki!!!

I couldn't figure out if this was green bell peppers or patola hahahaha

Ang Center For the Performing Arts

This is "the Center For the Performing Arts" of the public school where I work. antaray diba? So far away from what we have back home. Kung titigilan na ng bawat government official ang pangugurakot baka pwede din tayo magkaroon ng ganito para sa mga public schools... wala lang just a thought.

These are the basketball courtS of the same school. sigh.
I am just amazed. These are just some things I like about America.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

hard to get into the groove

yup, i have been taking pictures of everywhere and everything that has caught my attention but yet NO POST! my brain is semi-idled and so kalat!i hate it. pressure really does not work for me.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

a post a day

sabi ko today I will,la,la,la...ok tomorrow I will,la,la,la (ang lamig kasi--brrrrr- I think my brain is freezing too :) but then again i don't get to write, I actually have a lot to blog about and I am sure my three readers would love to read about it :) hahaha Pressures do not do me well. One day at a time is more like it. So i said, a post a day will do. I will try.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ang bagong taon

2011 na pala :) for me its literally a NEW year. I am in a new place called America. Everything is new and this is the fresh start I have been longing for...I need to remind myself that all the time. I did not end 2010 happy...but i do hope to make more happy memories this 2011. God help me. The change I want badly to happen will not be easy but I know He will see me through this... He needs to give me more patience ,strength and understanding. I need to take care of my well-being so I will be able to accomplish what I need and want to do :) So I put my faith on Him again for the nth time. All in. He never failed me. He knows best.